Welcome to the Grinning Pig.

Grinning Pig is the name of our small  piggery based in Busheyfields Road, Herne. We started keeping pigs about 5 years ago so that we and our families could enjoy good pork with known provenance.

We soon found ourselves with a small surplus which we are happy to sell to our neighbours in Herne and Broomfield. We have also supplied some local restaurants.

The swineherds at Grinning Pig are Rob & Tracey and Andy & Sabine.

We believe that it is important to give our pigs a natural environment in which to forage - so we only raise about 15 pigs per year between spring and autumn, which means our little paddock gets the winter months to recover and regrow. Our pigs are fed a high quality diet of cereal based pig nuts containing all the essential vitamins and minerals supplemented with all the excess vegetables and fruit from our allotment and orchard. They have a natural wallow (fed from our well) in which to bathe and two sturdy, dry, straw-filled arks to keep them snug. It is our belief that a happy pig is a tasty pig!